Stainless Steel Container


Keep your drink hot or cold in style and with rigidity.

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Have you ever thought about how much you spend on coffee? Just prepare, and take some coffee with you!

Pepople in Amsterdam are the biggest coffee drinkers in the world. Do you think that expensive coffee in the morning is really worth it?

Prepare and have a hot coffee on the road. Check out our Stainless steel Container. Need to carry around extra power for your electronics? Check out our selection of pocket-size and shock resistant Konig powerbanks.

  • jacketed Stainless Steel Thermo-Container with cup from Renberg
  • Thickness Inner-Wall: 0,3mm
  • Thickness Outer-Wall: 0,4mm.
  • Available in different capacities: 0,35 Liters, 0,5 Liters, 0,75 Liters and 1,0 Liters

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0,35 Liters, 0,5 Liters, 0,75 Liters, 1,0 Liters


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